Tanker transport taking the greatest care

Vervoer Transmet is also a recognised provider of tanker transport from Boutersem. This mainly involves detergents and derivative products, including ADR. ADR not only includes complete ADR shipments, but also packages.

We make the difference

With our flexibility and the input from our dedicated equipment, Vervoer Transmet from Boutersem makes the difference. We do everything possible to guarantee service and safety at every stage of the shipment’s progress. Our vehicles are fully equipped with compressor, hoses, all the necessary connectors and seals for the food industry and chemicals sector. We also have a certified ADR safety adviser working at the company, who ensures there is proper support on hand at all times for tank container transport. Our professionally qualified drivers also attend the necessary training courses.

Equipment geared to transport

Our equipment is geared to carrying classified and unclassified chemicals and foodstuffs. We can also handle the transport of various classes of ADR. We have 7 gensets that can be connected to the container to supply power during transport so that the required temperature can be guaranteed at all times. We also have 12 tipper chassis units to carry high-viscosity liquids.